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Mobility 4.0

  • The Mobility of the Future

    • We envision a mobility of the future whose modes of transportation bring people and goods together in an emission-free and smart way, and which contributes to the common good.

  • Transition to the Mobility of the Future

    • The mobility markets are undergoing a profound transformation. The development of electrically powered, connected and autonomously driving vehicles poses new challenges for manufacturers, established and new solution providers. In parallel, new mobility concepts offer vehicle sharing and intermodal solutions that redefine the use of mobility.

    • Moving people and goods in a sustainable manner requires efficient use of Energy 4.0 that originates from renewable and decentralized sources and and is available safely at all times and in all places.

    • These challenges hold enormous opportunities for companies that are willing to show flexibility and future orientation in the design of their concepts and products, apply cutting-edge technologies and adapt their business models in view of future market needs.

    • With the right partner at your side.



are we

pi.tec4.0 – Pulse of
Innovation Technology

  • Technology Consulting for the transition to the Mobility of the Future

    • We are a technology consultancy – passionate about engineering and innovations for a sustainable mobility and energy.

    • Our team combines decades of experience from countless development projects in the automotive industry and many other sectors.

    • We maintain an extensive network of international contacts.

  • We Make It Happen

    • Our mission is to facilitate your company's transition to the mobility of the future.

Teamwork makes it happen


do we make it happen


  • Technology and strategy consulting in the Mobility and Energy 4.0 arena

  • Steering of innovation initiatives and development projects from needs analysis to market launch

  • Technical support for development projects in initialization, specification, design, implementation and integration

  • Initiation, moderation and coordination of business partnerships in an international environment






Technology and strategy consulting

Project steering

Technical support

Coordination of partnerships

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pi.tec4.0 GmbH – Pulse of Innovation Technology

Burgstr. 12
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