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Competitive Landscape of Electric Truck Manufacturers

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Charting the Growth: Electric Truck Market Dynamics

Charting the Growth: Electric Truck Market Dynamics

As the world prepares for a more sustainable future, the transportation sector is undergoing a revolutionary transition with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs). Among them, electric trucks stand out as game changers, offering lower emissions, cheaper operating costs, and greater efficiency. In this article, we look at the competitive landscape of electric truck manufacturers and the main players determining the industry's future.

The global electric truck market is estimated to increase from USD 4.68 billion in 2023 to USD 12.13 billion in 2030, representing a 25.64% compound yearly growth rate over the forecast period estimated by Exactitude consultancy. By 2030, the electric truck market will be experiencing extraordinary growth, driven by a convergence of technology developments, governmental support, and altering consumer tastes. As the global transportation sector adopted sustainability ideals, demand for electric trucks skyrocketed, resulting in exponential market growth. During this time, electric truck manufacturers had a significant growth in production capacity, primarily to significant investments in R&D, battery technology, and infrastructural development. In addition, innovative alliances between automakers, energy firms, and government agencies hastened market expansion, allowing for wider adoption of electric vehicles across multiple business verticals. By 2030, electric trucks had become the foundation of modern transportation, transforming logistics, lowering carbon emissions, and paving the road for a more sustainable future. As of 2023, the electric truck market is fast evolving, with numerous key firms competing for domination. While precise market share data may differ depending on region and source, below are some of the participants in the electric truck sector.

Major electric truck manufacturers

In the world of electric trucks, a select handful of firms are at the forefront, leading the way toward sustainable mobility. These manufacturers have dedicated themselves to creating cutting-edge electric vehicles that will change the landscape of heavy-duty transportation. From industry stalwarts like Volvo, Tesla and Daimler Trucks to inventive startups like Rivian and Nikola Corporation, these firms are reshaping the future of commercial vehicle fleets with ground-breaking technologies and a dedication to environmental responsibility. This article delves into the world of electric truck manufacturers, examining the important actors driving innovation and sustainability in the transportation industry. Below are a few major electric truck manufacturers.












General Motors




MAN Trucks

Key Players in the Electric Truck Market

Market Share

As of 2023, electric truck manufacturers' market shares based on sales reflect a dynamic environment impacted by technological advancement, product availability, and market demand. While specific market share figures for the year may differ based on location and source, here's a basic summary of OEMs by region. In 2022, Chinese OEMs produced 60% of commercially available bus and truck models (more than 500 varieties). North American OEMs produced an 20% (over 170 models), while European OEMs produced 15% (over 120 variants) as  [1] Volvo Trucks has now sold over 4,300 electric trucks in more than 38 countries in 2023. Volvo trucks is the market leader in Europe, accounting for 32% of the heavy electric truck market, while in North America, Volvo vehicles accounted for nearly half of all heavy electric trucks registered in 2022 according to VOLVO-NEWS [2].  BYD is leading in Asian market and Telsa semi-trucks are leading in North America. In 2023, Daimler Trucks sold 3,443 electric trucks worldwide. when compared to total ICE 526,053 trucks sold in 2023 as DAIMLER-NEWS [3]. As Daimler trucks control 40% of the ICE truck market in North America.

Some major players and their strategies


Tesla Offering include Tesla Semi, an all-electric Class 8 vehicle, promises unrivalled performance and range. Tesla's strategy is to leverage its brand appeal by focusing on innovation, battery technology, and the development of a viable charging infrastructure. Tesla is a leading player in Semi-trucks.


Rivian offerings include the R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV, which combine off-road performance with luxurious features. Rivian's strategy, which is aimed at adventure and outdoor enthusiasts, focuses on sustainability and strategic alliances.


Volvo vehicles has a broad line of electric vehicles designed for a variety of market categories, including urban distribution, regional transportation, and specialist applications. With vehicles like the Volvo FL Electric and the Volvo VNR Electric. Volvo Trucks has a vertical integration strategy, which involves monitoring the full value chain from battery production to vehicle manufacturing. By managing important areas of the supply chain, Volvo provides quality control, cost effectiveness, and seamless integration of electric drivetrains into its truck models.


Nikola Offerings include Nikola Tre and Nikola One are hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles designed for long-haul operations. The strategy is developing hydrogen infrastructure and forming collaborations to address range and refueling concerns.

Daimler Trucks

Mercedes-Benz e-Actros and Freightliner e-Cascadia are electric trucks designed for urban deliveries and regional transit. The strategy Daimler values dependability, performance, and customer service.


BYD Key Offering is a diverse variety of electric trucks for various market categories. Strategy: BYD emphasizes vertical integration, controlling the whole supply chain from battery production to car manufacturing.


The competitive landscape for electric truck producers is dynamic, driven by technological innovation, strategic collaborations, and changing market conditions. While established players like Tesla, Volvo, Daimler & BYD Trucks dominate, innovators such as Rivian and Nikola Corporation bring new ideas and disruptive technology to the table. As the electric truck market expands, success will be determined by agility, creativity, and the capacity to meet the different needs of consumers and stakeholders along the path to sustainable transportation.

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